It`s scientifically proven that pictures may be processed up to 60´000x faster than text alone. Further, the capacity of remembering images is far more long lasting. Especially in the field of medicine and life science, where people often need to deal with abstract and complex information, are visualizations a big advantage for a fast, efficient, long lasting, and precise communication.

We o­ffer medical accurate Illustration, Animation (2D and 3D), as well as the development of interactive apps for the internet and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. In addition, as a production company we have access to an international team of highly motivated illustrators, animators, software developers, and medical specialists that can visualize any type of vision you have, doesn`t matter how big or complex the project may be.

Company philosophy


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2D/3D Illustration
2D/3D Animation
Motion Graphics
Mechanism of Action
Sound Design
Interaktive Applikations
Virtual Reality


Since the beginning of Synaps Studios many, very interesting, projects have been implemented for our customers. They all differ in their size and complexity - but not in quality and in our commitment.


Managing Directors

Synaps Studios, as an independent production company, can rely on an international team of highly talented illustrators, animators, software developers, and medical specialists to handle any type of assignment, large, abstract, or complex.

Dr. Andreas Greth

Certified Communication and Multimedia Designer with a PhD in advanced medicine.

With his combined knowledge in computeranimation and medicine, he will accompany your project from scratch to its final product.

Patrizio Roffi

International working experience as Product Designer, Consultant and Lecturer. Through his long standing experience as an Entrepreneur he can link his deep knowledge with our demanding and exciting services.


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